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Welcome to Berenbrock Bullies
Thank you for visiting Berenbrock Bullies.  
We  strive to breed, raise, and show healthy, excellent Bulldogs.  
Our hope is that you will see the love we share, 
and the fun, our Bullies bring to our lives.
If you would like to learn more about Bulldog Health, Rescue, or Breeders, or to learn about upcoming Bulldog events, please visit The Bulldog Club of America by following the link below:
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 Courtney Preston
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For the time being please view our full site when 
checking in on our family and beloved bullies.
Recently, it has become a fad to breed for what is called "Rare Color." We, and many others, believe this to be unethical. This being said, we do not, and never will breed for "rare" color or traits. For more information on "Rare" color in Pure Bred Dogs, please click on the Link Below. 
For those looking to breed, we do have frozen semen available. 
We are selective on which females we will allow him to be 
bred with, as we have limited amounts of semen.
Bolt is our own bred by Grand Champion.
He is conformationally correct, an outstanding mover,
of awesome substance, and has a beautiful jaw!
Bolt is out traveling the world!